Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

As the name suggests, these blinds are beautiful combination of two kind of fabrics in one blind. Enjoy your home any way you choose by complete control over your inside environment.

These unique designer combi blinds have all the features of roller blinds. It has two layers of sheer and solid striped fabric and users are able to fine tune the shielding effect with it. It provides a perfect solution when light and privacy control are important.

When sheer vanes are overlapped, light is filtered into the room through sheer sections. On the other hand, in the closed position, they diffuse all the incoming light, giving the room a beautiful and warm glow. It comes with a sleek and modern cassette which adds beauty to these blinds. An innovatively designed chain control allows you to control the level of incoming light. Choose from a wide range of sophisticated fabrics to match any style décor, and add a designer finish to your windows.

Double Roller

Combine the best of both worlds with double roller blinds. This innovative blind system includes two different types of blinds on a single bracket. With double roller blinds you can switch between blackout blinds for complete privacy and darkness, to transparent sunscreen blinds that let in natural light whilst preserving your view. It’s the benefit of the dual roller blinds system. Our day night blinds are the perfect solution for 24 hour coverage.

Motorized blinds

Integrating your blinds into a smart home setting is easier and cost-effective. We can provide a fully-flexible and functional solution to automating your blinds with an intuitive app on your Android or Apple device which is very easy to operate. This is the best solution for the blinds that are located on harder-to-reach windows. With automation, you raise and lower your blinds via the touch of a remote button or a smartphone. Also, Motorized options are best for larger or heavier blinds. It is simple to set up, with multiple user access. Blinds can be operated from anywhere via the internet with the push of a button. Each individual blind can be automatically adjusted to go up or down according to personal preferences. Enjoy the benefits.


Pelmets offers a contemporary look and neatly covers the top and front of the roll tube. It hides the roll tube and protects your roller blinds from dust. These pelmets will add more beauty to your blinds. You have a choice to do plain white, brown or black pelmet or we can choose the pelmets with same fabric insert as your blind.